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                  Welcome visit LUXSHARE-ICT DesignCon booth in #717

                  2019-01-25 來源:LUXSHARE-ICT

                  DESIGN CONN-01_副本.png

                  LUXSHARE-ICT proudly presents our latest technology in interconnects and cable assemblies in 2019. Recent product release includes up to 800G PAM4 DACs using LUXSHARE-ICT Optamax bulk cable, 800G OSFP and 400G QSFP-DD connector solutions, and AOCs up to 56G PAM4 data rate. Please stop by our (booth #717) at DesignCon2019 to experience our exciting live demos.


                  LUXSHARE-ICT 800G OSFP direct attached passive copper cable assemblies enable next generation high-speed data communication. By combining eight channels, operating at speeds up to 112 Gbps per lane into one affordable high-density OSFP media data interface (MDI) and providing aggregate data throughput in excess of 800 Gbps. Leveraging LUXSHARE-ICT’s own proprietary Optamax ultra low loss twin-axial raw cable, and carefully designed MSA compliant paddle card and cage technology, LUXSHARE-ICT’s 112G PAM4 OSFP DACs deliver industry leading signal integrity and thermal performance for server, storage, and switch applications..

                  Internal high speed
                  LUXSHARE-ICT Internal high speed interconnect solution support next?generation servers. GenZ cable assy and board connector supports PCIE 5.0;Low profile SlimSAS cable assy and board connector support SAS4.0, with anti-skew interface.
                  LUXSHARE-ICT?Loopback?are offered in QSFP-DD / QSFP28/ SFP28 form factors. Our loopbacks support adjustable power consumption optimizing switch verification to be more cost-effective.?
                  Cage & Connector
                  LUXSHARE-ICT Cage & Connector supports 25Gbps to 112Gbps/Channel data rate for Server/Storage/Switch application, also available with heat-sink and light-pipe.

                  LUXSHARE-ICT AOC supports 10G TO 400G high speed interconnection used in datacenter and network equiments(i.e. super computing,switch,server,
                  storage and NIC ), can reach up to 100m (max) with excellent performance.

                  We change the rule

                  You change the world